Heath Ledger, a nights fall

Uncultivated land, barren. The ledger of a soul. Blissfully broken and surrounded by naive sunlight. The kind of rays that bring forth rainbow light, the kaleidoscopic hopeful kind. The brightness unfolds amongst misery, Β the unknown sleepless days ahead. The beauty of the road, the trip, the rise as the darkness fall.

Each ray of pink bliss kissing the day as the new dawn rises. Insomnia never far behind the purple sky, higher and brighter with every flame. Lost, trying to unfold and unshackle, to be beyond the small emotionless shrub-like state of being. The shortfall, the weakness, the lonely circles of darkness.

The golden kisses of false promise. A devil in sheeps skin, the alure that the cold would fade and the sun would kiss where the hole meets the point and the point becomd the answer to all confusing. He was lost, surrounded by many yet alone. Misunderstood.

He smiles with his mouth but curses with his eyes, a tournament soul. He was lost while in the light. No one saw his calls, he was brave, he was fearless, he was a fucking mess, he was…Heath Ledger.

By Ithiel Brinkman

#Ithielbrinkman #heathledger #aussiemade #saborn πŸ™βœŒπŸ’›



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