The Brave Little Possum

Book: The Brave Little Possum
By Ithiel Brinkman

The brave little possum, wasn’t very brave
His mum would drop him off to school and say goodbye,
But he would never wave

He would cling real tight, with all his might
And cry out loud…DON’T EVER LEAVE MY SIGHT
He would wriggle and roll and wiggle and groan…and moan and moan and moan

She’d say, you’re so brave, you can do this just lift you hand and wave
But he would cling even tighter with clentched fists like a fighter
Pleading to stay one minute longer

This happened every day, leaving not much to say
Leaving his poor mum in disarray
You will be ok, just stay and play, I will see you and the end of the day

From February to May, this happened most every day
Even his friends couldn’t get him to stay and play
And with all hope gone and nothing left to say, his mother feared the day

But it just so happened that on that very day,
The brave little possum decided, TODAY is a good day to stay.
– Ithiel Brinkman

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