Face value

Most of you know me by face value. Our “skin tax” or “colour tax”. The names we were born with and the age we live by day to day, hour by hour, milliseconds at a time. I am often “classed” by my beauty, my outward appearance. By all means, thank you for the flattery who doesn’t like a pure nice comment, right? But as my son has been learning….a flatterer is no true friend.

We walk past each other everyday, we smile, we ask “how are you” pretending shallowly that each other gives a damn. Putting on fake smiles, painting on our faces for the day. Grooming those beards that hide the true male. God, how exhausting, shit somedays I don’t have time to shower let alone paint a mask on!

Do we truly care “how” our neighbour is? Like, I care how you are and everything and I’m all for sharing advice. I suppose this is quite the double edged sword isn’t it, because how good are we really behind closed doors?

I am also known for my gentle nature, my sometimes holistic approach to life and have recently been dubbed the “protector of children” by my sons, WOW I mean, shit! That’s abit much really, haha. Behind my closed doors I have a wine collection which I promise will be my art project, a big ass swear jar because to me the A to Z is asshole to zuck…which come on, clearly means fuck.

I try not to yell but I find myself yelling that I DON’T’ want to keep yelling! Does this make me fake? Does this mean, as modern psychology would have it “split personality”? Am I ADD some days and Autistic another? Fuck no, there is a time and place for everything. I am who I bloody am, look, not going to change for anyone mate. Love me or hate me, praise me or debate me…my name will still be on your tongues!

My point is who are we to judge someone by their face value? I am no innocent of this judgement, we are but mere human beings! Not every Cinderella wears shiny glass slippers, some walk real hard in worker boots, Timberlands or $5 rip offs from your local Kmart. Walk a mile in my shoes before you judge my face…or anyone elses

P.s, thanks though, appreciate the compliments, haha!!!

Keep it fucking classy Australia 😜👌😎✊🌈

-Ithiel Brinkman

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