Come, I beg you!


Ever heard the expression, “that was a mind fuck” or “he just blew my mind” “she eye fucked the hell out of me just then”. This is related to the ideology that the mind is so strong, if you’re open enough to receive and embrace the universe and the energy of those around you, things actually start happening!

A touch of the hand, a shoulder bump, eye contact. The simple “come fuck me now” body language signs. Right? It doesn’t take much for the human mind to communicate its needs to our body and soul. A sence of euphoria,  some would go as far as to say magical!

There is a belief for this frame of mind called “Tantra”. The concept of weaving and expansion. Like the act of sex to come and go…to be in and out of the moment. Both physically and mentally. To mentally embrace the energy ball of experimenting, to weave and be entangled with more than just your body, but your soul, you mind your heart. To practice the act of Tantra we should embrace our wants and desires on the road to enlightenment, a spiritual transformation.

If we shutout the noise of the world and start to tune into our own thoughts, wants needs, desires it’s amazing how much more centred you begin to feel. The universe starts following your energy. Both positives and negatives. So if you are self-aware, you wont be begging anyone to give you a sense of release or approval, come and go as many times as you please 😉

Namaste 🙏

Ithiel Brinkman

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Published by morethanwords

Through song and stories, I have managed to escape reality. I now ask you all come on this wild journey an see the world through my eyes

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