Good morning,

First things first…rise and grind


I don’t normally start my mornings with a coffee, however as you can imagine I am a mother of 3 gorgeous kids who could drive any sane person perfectly insane! I’ve begun to realise that in every hour of the day we will constantly be challenged! The hurdles we face are the things that will make us or break us.

Most parents can relate to “the Lego incident” resulting in “OUCH!!!” usually by a parent trying to bundle up all their kids toys. I want to take this opportunity to remind everyone that there will always be that “LEGO” in your life. How we remove it, reclaim and rejoice in the glory of life; is what will make every day, hour, minute and second even better.


Be Good,


Published by morethanwords

Through song and stories, I have managed to escape reality. I now ask you all come on this wild journey an see the world through my eyes

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