IMG_20181026_203124_140When do we reakise that the words we speak travel farther than the words we think in our minds?

Im at a poirnt in my life, where I am spiritually aware of those around me and those far. To come to realise that old thoughts can bring forth new beginings and help you realise that new beginings can also bare fruits of our ancestors and labour the fruits of our for farthers.

Most days, I am your general “stay at home mum”- to most this may seem mundane, lazy and others may take the approach of “you chose to do so”. In theory, giving birth, having a child and raising one is not that simple.

So, I sit here trying to gage who will be my audience

Be  good,


Published by morethanwords

Through song and stories, I have managed to escape reality. I now ask you all come on this wild journey an see the world through my eyes

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