The Silver Rose

Today many years ago someone in the universe became a woman. She realised that her sorrow was also her cure, her tears would heal many and her gentle spirit would calm millions.

Being a Mother is more than baring children and raising a child. Its about hearing the burdens of those whom we cherish. Our cherubs. Every child is born an Angel and every angel has a soul. To those who have lost an Angel be sure that you will meet with them again. Celebrate them and love them as they will always be a part of you and who you are. To the women waiting to bare children, don’t lose hope there is always time for a miracle, to those who raise other mothers children as there own- you are a champion and a passionate leader. Many of us as mothers need to remember to see the world of our children through the eyes of everyone else as well.

They say Roses only bloom when the weather is supple and the sun is high in the sky, I believe when the time is right anything can grow.

Be sure to know God is always with you and you are all loved.

Happy Mother’s Day to all



Published by morethanwords

Through song and stories, I have managed to escape reality. I now ask you all come on this wild journey an see the world through my eyes

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