Hang on, hang, im’a bout to let ya’ll read this but I just wanna start with: I’m about as popular and socially awkward as Kanye West taking Taylor Swifts 2009 VMAs, as sexy as a pole dancer faceplanting and about as cool as a cucumber (yes, I went there). That being said, between anxiety and depression, lets just saiy, If I was an ice cream, I’d be rainbow flavoured and sorts of toppings to boot!

“Technically” my name is that of a male in the Christian Bible. Some could argue this to be fitting, but for all reproductive purposes. I am Ithiel Brinkman your average mixed race coloured girl, daughter, grandaughter,woman, female, mother, fiancé  Oh and one boss ass female (or so I think in my mind haha). 

Born in 1989 but feel like I was reincarnated from the 1950’s. I am a mere 5ft3 but don’t be fooled…ever lit a small firecracker? South African born and breed but raised in Australia. 

“Not all things broken are disasters, just look at the beauty of a mosaic” -Ithiel Brinkmaan

Music, the soundtrack to my life