Golden strands Carer

It felt as though I was staring at a ghost, a long-lost person I once knew to be charitable and bubbly. It broke my heart to hear her share her story of the people who were after her, but why? She has always been such a caring person. Why continue to haunt someone who’s aim has always been to help others?

As I walked towards where she always sat, I saw nothing but empty eyes and tears…the look She gave was like half of her was missing. I knew this look because I knew her, I had seen it before. She seemed, lost. I sat with her for a moment, She would usually offer a glass of a heart warming beverage but She was in a state of decluttering. I hugged her, we didn’t have to say much.

I loved that with her, She could wear her heart on her sleeve like she had all the time in the world. The carer, a carer. I loved her soul as a mother.

-Be good





Good morning,

First things first…rise and grind


I don’t normally start my mornings with a coffee, however as you can imagine I am a mother of 3 gorgeous kids who could drive any sane person perfectly insane! I’ve begun to realise that in every hour of the day we will constantly be challenged! The hurdles we face are the things that will make us or break us.

Most parents can relate to “the Lego incident” resulting in “OUCH!!!” usually by a parent trying to bundle up all their kids toys. I want to take this opportunity to remind everyone that there will always be that “LEGO” in your life. How we remove it, reclaim and rejoice in the glory of life; is what will make every day, hour, minute and second even better.


Be Good,



IMG_20181026_203124_140When do we reakise that the words we speak travel farther than the words we think in our minds?

Im at a poirnt in my life, where I am spiritually aware of those around me and those far. To come to realise that old thoughts can bring forth new beginings and help you realise that new beginings can also bare fruits of our ancestors and labour the fruits of our for farthers.

Most days, I am your general “stay at home mum”- to most this may seem mundane, lazy and others may take the approach of “you chose to do so”. In theory, giving birth, having a child and raising one is not that simple.

So, I sit here trying to gage who will be my audience

Be  good,


So, I fucking peed-whattt?

So, I havnt blogged or vlogged in a minute. Life got real. Motherhood is not a joke. Peeing in your pants while yelling at your kids is funny as hell but still keeping your cool ain’t funny.

The thing about motherhood is, doctors, nurses and ob/gyn (obstetrician/gynecologist) don’t “really” explain to you that you might pee yo’ self.

Like, yo ass going to “pee” if and when you cry, laugh, tell, whisper and probably think about, to or at yo kids. FACT.

it’s a REALITY. Happens to everybody even them boss ass-top ass celebrities and political peeps.

Women, we need to accept and embrace ✊ #onelove #motherhood #ithielbrinkman

I love my peeps


Mother’s Day 2018

The Naked Truth series: LAVENDER BLISS
The reality is amongst all the sweat, tears, poopy nappies, tantrums, near death experiences, sibling rivalry, favourite snacks to hated veggies. Post-natal depression, wines (yes when breast feeding-wow shocking) 3am nightmares (of my own lol) and sudden realisation that the opposite sex exists to them and I am “no longer cool” but “cringe” worthy….they let me sleep in peace for hours today, that is all I really wanted from this day.
Happy Mother’s Day to the other fucking wildling mums out there…we are awesome! You do a great job, love yourselves more and fucking own your glass of whatever wine is on sale tonight and every other night of parenting like an AlphaShe boss!!! Haha
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