Mother’s Day 2018

The Naked Truth series: LAVENDER BLISS
The reality is amongst all the sweat, tears, poopy nappies, tantrums, near death experiences, sibling rivalry, favourite snacks to hated veggies. Post-natal depression, wines (yes when breast feeding-wow shocking) 3am nightmares (of my own lol) and sudden realisation that the opposite sex exists to them and I am “no longer cool” but “cringe” worthy….they let me sleep in peace for hours today, that is all I really wanted from this day.
Happy Mother’s Day to the other fucking wildling mums out there…we are awesome! You do a great job, love yourselves more and fucking own your glass of whatever wine is on sale tonight and every other night of parenting like an AlphaShe boss!!! Haha
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NAMASTร‰ ๐Ÿ™โœŒ๐Ÿ’›



Come, I beg you!


Ever heard the expression, “that was a mind fuck” or “he just blew my mind” “she eye fucked the hell out of me just then”. This is related to the ideology that the mind is so strong, if you’re open enough to receive and embrace the universe and the energy of those around you, things actually start happening!

A touch of the hand, a shoulder bump, eye contact. The simple “come fuck me now” body language signs. Right? It doesn’t take much for the human mind to communicate its needs to our body and soul. A sence of euphoria, ย some would go as far as to say magical!

There is a belief for this frame of mind called “Tantra”. The concept of weaving and expansion. Like the act of sex to come and go…to be in and out of the moment. Both physically and mentally. To mentally embrace the energy ball of experimenting, to weave and be entangled with more than just your body, but your soul, you mind your heart. To practice the act of Tantra we should embrace our wants and desires on the road to enlightenment, a spiritual transformation.

If we shutout the noise of the world and start to tune into our own thoughts, wants needs, desires it’s amazing how much more centred you begin to feel. The universe starts following your energy. Both positives and negatives. So if you are self-aware, you wont be begging anyone to give you a sense of release or approval, come and go as many times as you please ๐Ÿ˜‰

Namaste ๐Ÿ™

Ithiel Brinkman

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Face value

Most of you know me by face value. Our “skin tax” or “colour tax”. The names we were born with and the age we live by day to day, hour by hour, milliseconds at a time. I am often “classed” by my beauty, my outward appearance. By all means, thank you for the flattery who doesn’t like a pure nice comment, right? But as my son has been learning….a flatterer is no true friend.

We walk past each other everyday, we smile, we ask “how are you” pretending shallowly that each other gives a damn. Putting on fake smiles, painting on our faces for the day. Grooming those beards that hide the true male. God, how exhausting, shit somedays I don’t have time to shower let alone paint a mask on!

Do we truly care “how” our neighbour is? Like, I care how you are and everything and I’m all for sharing advice. I suppose this is quite the double edged sword isn’t it, because how good are we really behind closed doors?

I am also known for my gentle nature, my sometimes holistic approach to life and have recently been dubbed the “protector of children” by my sons, WOW I mean, shit! That’s abit much really, haha. Behind my closed doors I have a wine collection which I promise will be my art project, a big ass swear jar because to me the A to Z is asshole to zuck…which come on, clearly means fuck.

I try not to yell but I find myself yelling that I DON’T’ want to keep yelling! Does this make me fake? Does this mean, as modern psychology would have it “split personality”? Am I ADD some days and Autistic another? Fuck no, there is a time and place for everything. I am who I bloody am, look, not going to change for anyone mate. Love me or hate me, praise me or debate me…my name will still be on your tongues!

My point is who are we to judge someone by their face value? I am no innocent of this judgement, we are but mere human beings! Not every Cinderella wears shiny glass slippers, some walk real hard in worker boots, Timberlands or $5 rip offs from your local Kmart. Walk a mile in my shoes before you judge my face…or anyone elses

P.s, thanks though, appreciate the compliments, haha!!!

Keep it fucking classy Australia ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜ŽโœŠ๐ŸŒˆ

-Ithiel Brinkman

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The Brave Little Possum

Book: The Brave Little Possum
By Ithiel Brinkman

The brave little possum, wasn’t very brave
His mum would drop him off to school and say goodbye,
But he would never wave

He would cling real tight, with all his might
And cry out loud…DON’T EVER LEAVE MY SIGHT
He would wriggle and roll and wiggle and groan…and moan and moan and moan

She’d say, you’re so brave, you can do this just lift you hand and wave
But he would cling even tighter with clentched fists like a fighter
Pleading to stay one minute longer

This happened every day, leaving not much to say
Leaving his poor mum in disarray
You will be ok, just stay and play, I will see you and the end of the day

From February to May, this happened most every day
Even his friends couldn’t get him to stay and play
And with all hope gone and nothing left to say, his mother feared the day

But it just so happened that on that very day,
The brave little possum decided, TODAY is a good day to stay.
– Ithiel Brinkman


According to the law of science and time, we are 5 seconds ahead. We have the ability to create the future.
Your current state is your past thought, so rethink and redirect your desires.
The you, youย are now, if unwanted, is the old you, you created by past thought.

Time frame is a human illusion mankind has created to limit us, to cause doubt.
If time is linear then we are ever-moving, never stopping and have the power to change and create.
-Ithiel Brinkman โœŒ

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Heath Ledger, a nights fall

Uncultivated land, barren. The ledger of a soul. Blissfully broken and surrounded by naive sunlight. The kind of rays that bring forth rainbow light, the kaleidoscopic hopeful kind. The brightness unfolds amongst misery, ย the unknown sleepless days ahead. The beauty of the road, the trip, the rise as the darkness fall.

Each ray of pink bliss kissing the day as the new dawn rises. Insomnia never far behind the purple sky, higher and brighter with every flame. Lost, trying to unfold and unshackle, to be beyond the small emotionless shrub-like state of being. The shortfall, the weakness, the lonely circles of darkness.

The golden kisses of false promise. A devil in sheeps skin, the alure that the cold would fade and the sun would kiss where the hole meets the point and the point becomd the answer to all confusing. He was lost, surrounded by many yet alone. Misunderstood.

He smiles with his mouth but curses with his eyes, a tournament soul. He was lost while in the light. No one saw his calls, he was brave, he was fearless, he was a fucking mess, he was…Heath Ledger.

By Ithiel Brinkman

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Lock and key

That moment you think back on everything and realise why you never trusted anyone in the first place. ๏ฟผ๏ฟผ๏ฟผ๏ฟผ๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿ–• ain’t nobody got my back, you think I don’t know, but I ย do. I listen silently, watching and reflecting on how dumb yo asses look!



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Star dust

Sitting on a curb by the roadside, hugging onto scared knees. She cries solent tears, but no else sees. She looks up to the lamp post, the only light to guide the way, suddenly something catches her attention, it’s the stars that glow for days. A flicker of hope ignights within, what else may be out there? The stars began dancing, filling the sky in glittery delight. Beyond the dark sky, surely there must be more for something so perfect has got to be adored.

So, she got up from the curb and dusted off her knees, she had made it her mission to search beyond our galaxy. One day she would fly, to a world beyond our own. In search for that glowing beauty and make it herย own.


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